Tradition of Cheesemaking

Our farm is located in Warsaw, New York in Wyoming County. During the 1860's and 1870's Wyoming County became an important dairying region due to its soil types, elevation, topography, weather and growing season. These things provided an ideal setting for animal grazing and milk production.

Early European settlers to our region made cheese at home, generally for their own use. When more farmers began to switch from growing wheat and hay to dairying, the surplus milk supply led to the construction of cheese factories around the county. Photographs from the early 1900's show horsedrawn wagons lined up waiting to deliver milk to local creameries.   A lack of refrigeration and a desire to fill a demand for dairy products in the city markets drove the farmers to make cheese. Cheese manufacturing continued to be an important component in Wyoming County's economic life well into the 1930's.

Our ancestry came from the alpine regions of France in the mid 1800's and settled in a region on the west side of Wyoming County.   Their dairy influence from the old country contributed to the area becoming a dairy area. The terrain of hills and valleys reminded them of their homeland in Europe. They felt comfortable settling here and stayed. We want to bring these old world cheesemaking traditions and customs back to our area and manufacture an artisan cheese that will be remembered.