Raw Milk, Pasture-Raised Cheeses

We believe that great cheese starts with great milk. That all starts at the farm, where we pasture raise all of our cows. All of our milk comes from East Hill Farm located in Warsaw, NY. The farm is family owned and milks around 700 cows. Our farmers work hard to produce high quality milk that showcases the flavors of the grass that our cows graze on.

All of our cheeses are produced with raw milk, meaning the milk is not pasteurized before we make it into cheese. The French Alpine style of cheeses allows us to exhibit the high quality, grass fed milk that we use to produce our cheeses.


Silver Lake

Silver Lake was created with Comte in mind.  That means this cheese is made in 60 LB wheels and aged on wood boards for 1 year before it is pulled from our caves.  Silver Lake is firm in texture and is nutty and sweet with a savory finish.  Silver Lake is the ideal cheese to top your French Onion soup and pairs well with a Sauvignon Blanc, Bock beers, or some sour cherry preserves.






Underpass is a semi-firm raclette style cheese. The name raclette is derived from the French word "racler" meaning "to scrape" and is traditional melted and then scraped over potatoes, pickles, and meats in the Alpine regions of France and Switzerland. Our 12 LB wheels are aged for just 3 months making Underpass a decedent crowd pleaser.  Underpass is great melted over potatoes, in an ooey-gooey grilled cheese, or simply for snacking. Pairs well with a sparkling Rose, stouts, and candied walnuts.





Underpass Reserve

Underpass Reserve is an aged raclette style cheese. Aged for 11 months, Underpass Reserve has a bolder, earthier flavor and more salinity than our other cheeses. The firm texture of this cheese makes it ideal for grating and especially for mac and cheese. It pairs well with apricot preserves, Pilsners, and light bodied red wines.








Happy Accident

Happy Accident is a raclette style cheese with a truly unique taste. Happy Accident was created by accident but was instantly adored by the creamery staff.  Aged for 3-4 months, Happy Accident is still creamy and luscious, but with a distinctive tangy, fruity finish. Happy Accident will add an interesting twist to any dish, but we love it in fondue. Happy Accident pairs well with a funky Spanish cider, strawberry jam, and sour beers.


Suggested retail price for all of our cheeses is $20/lb. Please call 585 237 3622 for wholesale prices.