Kelley Construction–at the top of the Creamery!

For our blog this week, it’s back to our East Hill ‘family’ we go…and to to the "top" of our Creamery, which is the roof that is.  This time we are featuring Dan Kelley, who owns and manages Kelley Construction, and he is doing a lot of work on our Creamery, including work with the rafters and roof. We are excited to introduce him to you this week, and if you are in Perry, you can drive by the site and see all the work that he has been doing lately. There has sure been a lot of progress made, and you can actually see the building going up now! imageWe are pretty excited, and we wouldn’t be where we are at without the work that Dan and his guys have been doing.

Erecting the steel I-beams, steel decking (which the second floor concrete is poured upon), assisting the Amish with the post and beam construction, putting the insulated panels (SIP) on top of the rafters, and finally installing the standing seam roofing, are the things that Dan is hard at work on for the Creamery. Dan and his men don't mind working in high places. He anticipates every move and has a sixth sense about what comes next. He really enjoys building stuff, and as his wife says, he gets to play with imagehis crane all day. Speaking of cranes, Dan bought his first crane in 1993, and he is now on his 5th one, so we feel pretty safe to say that this guy knows how to operate a crane!

Dan didn’t always work with cranes. In fact, he started working with cable TV in 1987 doing tower work. When the cable industry reached its boom a lot of consolidation took place. At that point Dan was working for his father-in-law who decided to retire and Dan went into building. He says that he went to the school of ‘hard knocks’. When he was just 21 years old he decided he was going to run his own business in mainline construction, which is the guys who climbed the poles (his words). imageNow, he has 12 employees, and all of them are in the field. He works 75-80 hours a week running his company, so this man is not afraid of some hard work!

Dan has two daughters, one son, and two granddaughters. One daughter lives in Akron, NY and the other lives in North Carolina. His son, Danny, is a heavy equipment operator and truck driver for Kelley Construction, and does everything else “we tell him to do”, as Dan says. Dan's wife is an accountant in Batavia, NY for Amada Tool and does all the books for Kelley Construction.

When asked what he enjoys about working for the Burleys and East Hill Creamery, Dan was quick to respond, “It’s a little different. It’s not your usual cookie cutter square building, that’s for sure. We do all types of construction. This project here, there is only 4 of us down here, but when it comes to the roof panels, there will be another 4 or 5 different guys.” Dan has built a lot of dairy barns in the Perry area—free stall barns over the years. imageThe other guys that aren’t working on the Creamery site right now are actually building a dairy barn. Two weeks ago, they worked on a Five Star Bank in Rochester, and they will have to work on a Burger King in the future. Dan and his crew really do a little bit of everything.

Dan does what he does simply because he likes to build. He likes to see the stuff go up. But when he isn’t working his butt off, he does enjoy camping and recently went to the Adirondack Mountains in New York, up to Eight Lake. He made sure to tell me that he has a lot of really good employees so that makes a big difference. A lot of his employees have been with him for 12-15 years, and that speaks a lot about the type of guy Dan is. As he humbly stated, “Kelley Construction is built around a lot of good people and good employees. It’s not just me.” imageWe know that we are sure grateful to have Dan and his crew working with us. If you have any questions for him, please ask, and thanks for reading this week!


Note:  All photos this week are updates from the Creamery site and focus on the work that Dan and his crew are doing.  Some photos are credit of Pete Cino---thanks Pete!