Introducing Dylan Bush–our third and final cheesemaker!!

Today is the day you get to meet our third and final “cheesemaker”.  We can’t say that we left the best for last, because we are really proud of all our cheesemakers, and we think they are all THE BEST.  But, we can say that we certainly found a great one when we hired Dylan Bush.  Hope you enjoying “meeting” him today!

Dylan is a local boy from Warsaw, New York.  At only 19 years old, he is a natural-born leader.  He is very enthusiastic about this project, and his enthusiasm is contagious to the rest of the team.  After he graduated high school, he went to college at Monroe Community College in Rochester.  Previously, he had worked three summers at Woodstream Campground, which is a local business.  At the Woodstream Campground, he did maintenance—mowing lawns, weed eating, trimming trees, etc.

Dylan with his whole family
Dylan with his whole family

This winter, he saw the ad that East Hill put in the paper looking for cheesemakers, and he decided to look more into it.  The wage not only appealed to him, but also the fact that it is a local business.  The superintendent from Perry, where he attended high school, actually called him and offered to help him with the interview process for the job.  I guess they knew he would make a great fit with us, and we are grateful for that!  He worked with that school superintendent to learn more about the cheese-making industry and getting his resume together.

All his preparation for the interview paid off, because he got the job!  As we mentioned earlier, he is very enthusiastic and a great asset to our team.  He even put together a rough draft of a brochure to hand out to local businesses talking about East Hill Creamery and our cheese.  When asked what he is most excited about, Dylan gave an honest answer that I am pretty sure all of us are thinking, “The first time we get to try the cheese!”  He continued and said, “I am excited about the first batch all together—to see how everything is going to go and to finally get to taste the cheese.”

Dylan with his brother Mason
Dylan with his brother Mason

Being raised in the Catholic Church, Dylan went to a Catholic school until 4th grade in Warsaw.  His mom is a 9th grade math teacher, and his dad retired about 4 years ago from being an arts teacher.  He has a little brother, Mason,who is 14 and in the 9th grade at Perry.He also has an older sister, Brooklyn, who is 21 and attends Buff State for Occupational Therapy.  And, he did this interview while out in San Diego visiting his older brother, Tyler, who is stationed in the Navy out there.

When not making cheese, or traveling to California to visit his brother, Dylan loves to hunt and fish.  He especially likes hunting white tail deer, and he prefers bass fishing most of all.  He is also in a men’s league for soccer.

Our three cheesemakers :)
Our three cheesemakers 🙂

Thanks for stopping by to “meet” Dylan today!  We are so thrilled to have him on our team, along with Cody and Kyla.  We truly have a great group of cheesemakers, and like Dylan, we are SO excited for that first batch to be done.  Stay tuned for updates on the progress, and as always, if you have any questions for Dylan or any of the cheesemakers, please ask!