Introducing Andy!

​Hello from our East Hill family! This week we are back to introducing our East Hill team, and we are so pleased to have you “meet” Andy Hoelscher. So far you have met everyone from our forester to our concrete guys, and Andy is another irreplaceable and invaluable part of our team. So, sit back and enjoy reading about Andy, and think of some good questions that you want to ask him or us.

Cheese cave walls

​Andy is our mechanical man. He is doing all the mechanical work for the Creamery, all the hot and cold water lines for the cheese vats, all the hot and cold water lines for all the washing equipment, and all the hot and cold water supply feeds. He is also doing the plumbing stuff. He is no newbie to this field, as he has been doing commercial mechanical work for 10 years.

​Normally, Andy does air conditioning and refrigeration stuff, and things like commercial boiler work. He works for J & S Mechanical of Buffalo and is the lead man for their company. He did some vocational technical training in high school and then went straight to work in the industry. Most of the work that he does for his company is commercial, industrial, and major plant work, such as apartment stuff. He said that he worked on another project at the farm for the Burleys and East Hill Farms, so that’s how he got to know them. Gary (Burley) refers to him as a “hard worker,” and it’s easy to see that’s no lie with everything that he is doing for the Creamery.

image​When asked what he likes about working on the Creamery, Andy was quick to answer, “It’s different. It’s something that no one has done in this part of the country. It’s unique, and just different.” He continued by saying, “It’s cool working on something that pretty much no one else can say they have done—to this extent.” It is easy to see that he enjoys being part of something that is one-of-a-kind to this community. And we sure enjoy having him as part of our team!

​Despite being a born and raised dairy boy (his granddad and father ran a small dairy for many years), Andy has a passion for beef cattle, especially showing them. He really enjoys show cattle stuff, and fits cattle and raises club calves (a term used to refer to a type of beef animal specifically bred for showing). His granddad and father had a 127 head dairy farm with 300 acres, and that is the farm that Andy and his father still raise their beef cattle on. He only lives image5 minutes away from that farm. Also—exciting news here!---he is getting married this fall! He met his fiancé through showing cattle, and she is a graphic designer by trade.

​We sure hope you enjoyed “meeting” Andy! Please give us some questions and/or suggestions for future blogs. This week we head to Providence, Rhode Island for the American Cheese Society Conference. We are sure excited to be around other “foodies” and cheese makers. We will keep you posted from the conference with Facebook posts, and look for some exciting blogs to come all about the conference. Thanks for reading today!