Cassi Jo–the face behind the blog

​This week's blog will introduce another very important person on the East Hill Creamery team, so we, Gary and Betty, decided to take this week and introduce you to her.  When we decided to tell their story to the public we knew we would need help. We needed to keep our web page current and unfold our story as we build the cheese plant. Our target audience includes the shakers and movers of the millenia age who are replacing the baby boomers.

​ East Hill Farms is involved in another facet of the cattle business. We send all our steers and other cattle we aren’t using for breeding or milking, along with animals purchased at a local sale barn, to be finished for beef on a commercial feed yard in Oklahoma. While checking on our stock, we were introduced to Cassi Jo Schriefer. imageCassi is a vibrant, young blonde, 27 years old, worldly, with lots of enthusiasm. She grew up in rural North Dakota on a beef and crop farm and is very passionate about agriculture. She works for Elanco Animal Health in their beef business, and it was through a customer and friend of hers (the feedyard manager we send our cattle to) that we met. She enjoys good food (or a “foodie”), along with barrel racing and several community service oriented programs. Cassi refers back to her Lutheran faith in conversations about helping young folks in her area. When she has time, she dates a rodeo cowboy/rancher.  She is pictured below with her parents, boyfriend, and brother and sister-in-law.


​During our first encounter with Cassi our chemistry connected when we were talking about our travels to Thailand and experiences. She quickly became interested in this and made a trip to Thailand after she saw how much we love it there. imageOur friendship has grown over time and we offered Cassi the opportunity to help with our social media and publications and she accepted without hesitation. She fits the position like a glove and is forward thinking and always looking for opportunities weeks in advance of our writing, which makes our job easier. Being a millenia, she is computer savvy and picks up the shortfalls of us baby boomers who struggle with this modern technology. We continue to educate Cassi about the cheese culture and she is eager to learn all she can, and then some. She is a beef girl through and through, but is loving learning more about the dairy world and especially all about cheese making. We are blessed to have her on board. Cassi told us that she loves being able to share our story, and that she hopes that we are able to help people become more connected to the farmer and their food. In her words, “I love how the Burleys are taking every opportunity they have to diversify themselves and their farm. I think it’s so wonderful that they want to be directly connected to the consumer, and I am so grateful to be able to help them do that.”
In the future we hope that all of you who are following our story will have the opportunity to meet Cassi in person or chat with her on the phone about our cheese. We are sure she will brighten up your day with her upbeat attitude. She loves hearing from people who read the blog and getting feedback from them.

Thanks for reading today and, as always, feel free to ask questions about Cassi or any of our other team members.