Brent Synder–building East Hill Creamery from the inside out

​We are switching from our lovely four-legged ladies back to one of our two-legged friends, and we are again focusing on one of the very important people behind the scenes at East Hill Creamery for our blog this week. East Hill friends and family, meet Brent Snyder!

Brent with a turkey he got while hunting

​Brent is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, as he will gladly say. We, however, beg to differ. His enthusiasm is encouraging to help propel this project forward. Brent is really quite the master behind so much work that is being done at East Hill Creamery. He is a consultant, as a simple way of saying it, and he is doing all of the electrical work from the outside in for our creamery. He is also doing a portion of the process piping and some of the equipment hookup, all of the epoxy and wall coatings, all of the foam insulation, and a portion of the plumbing. As you can see, we really aren’t sure what we would do without Brent!

the start of East Hill Creamery being built

​Now, before Brent was doing of all this work, he was a rodeo cowboy. Yep, you heard that right. He rode bareback and saddle bronc horses, and he was also a bullrider. He actually lived in Missouri from 1989-1993, but he is a New York born and raised farm boy, and he resides here in New York today. One might think that he has gone to all sorts of technical schools to get all sorts of training for what he does, but he actually learned all he knows just by doing it. He hasn’t had any college or formal training. “Cowboys don’t go to college!” is what he exclaimed with a chuckle. He started in this field in 1987 when he went to work for somebody, and then he went on his own after he had back surgery in 1998. He has 2-3 guys working for him right now.

​Besides working for East Hill Creamery, Brent organizes dairy construction projects in the area. He does a lot of dairy farm work, especially on the manure digesters. This is the majority of the work he does and he will build them from the ground up. Himagee has gotten away from doing milking parlor installations and has now moved to working more on processing facilities that make bottled milk, cheese, yogurt, evaporated milk, etc. He has actually help build and maintain three other creameries in New York, so we are very confident in the experience that he has and the work that he does.

​East Hill was able to meet Brent when he did some milking parlor work for us. We found out that he had been involved with several other cheesemaking facilities in the area, and so we contacted him about installing our stainless steel piping which the milk runs through and is a specialized skill. We are so grateful to have him on our team, especially now when we realize how many things he actually does, and does well!

​When asked why he likes working for East Hill Creamery and Gary and Betty Burley, Brent was quick to answer, “Timagehey have an out-of-the-box way of thinking and are not scared to look at things in a different way. Everyone always stereotypes things, and says this is how it needs to be done, but Gary and Betty look at it and say ‘we want to do something the way no one else has done it.’ Gary is mature enough to know everything doesn’t always work out as planned, so he is willing to attack from a different angle. A customer that is flexible like that who I can work with and change plans last minute is worth its weight in gold. Gary is a very optimistic person.”

​We have so many great things to say about Brent as well, but this blog post would get far too long! We just know that we are happy to have him on our team. If Brent isn’t busy with us, you can find him hunting and fishing, which are his passions. He is also married to a lovely New York gal named Kathleen, and she is a nurse practitioner. If you have any questions for Brent or want to know more about him or use him for any of your projects, please feel free to reach out to us, as always. Thanks for reading!