Back to our East Hill family–Meet Warren and Sean!

​Greetings East Hill Creamery family! We hope you enjoyed our blog about incorporating cheese into your holiday meals, and today we are back to introducing you to members of our East Hill family. Meet Warren Hawley and Sean Sickles! They are the guys doing all the foam insulation for our Creamery. So, when you are toasty warm on a winter day inside the Creamery, or enjoy some nice air on a hot summer day, you can thank Warren and Sean for getting the building insulated. We sure think it’s important to recognize guys like Warren and Sean who are there doing so much behind-the-scenes work that is indeed very necessary for our Creamery to get built and making cheese!

the crew at Burt's Lumber & Building Supply

​Warren and Sean work for a local lumber yard company (Burt's Building Supply) and as I mentioned, focus on putting in healthy home insulation systems. The insulation division of Burt's has been around for 10 years, and Warren has been doing this type of work for 7 years. Sean has been with the company for 7 years, but spraying insulation foam for about 2 years. When asked how they got the job, they said that they have known each other for a while, and Gary called and reached out to them to do the project.

Prior to this, Warren worked for 17 years at an automotive garage doing the mechanical work. Sean went straight from high school to working for the lumber company. Sean is from Perry originally, and Warren lives 36 miles away in Rushford. Warren couldn’t get too far away from the mechanical work, as he still has a little hobby shop that he works in where he fixes chain saws, snowmobiles, mini bikes, and go karts.

Sean in white suit and Warren on his right

He is also a Buffalo Bills fan, but Sean is a Patriots fan and loves to watch football in his free time—could create for some friendly rivalry between the two! Sean also likes to bowl.

Both guys have quite a bit of experience in the dairy industry. When Warren was younger, his dad had a dairy farm, and Sean’s grandparents had a dairy farm as well. Sean’s whole family is actually in the agricultural field. Most of the lumber company’s accounts are all farmers as well, so these two have a wealth of experience working in the ag industry. They said they have done quite a bit of work on dairy farms, mostly in machine sheds, and some manure sheds as well so that the pump can’t freeze. And interestingly enough, they have also done work on potato barns (barns that potatoes are stored in). So, now they can add a Creamery to their job experience list!

​Warren was quick to say, “The cheese factory is exciting!”

creamery update as of 12/7/2015
creamery update as of 12/7/2015

He wants to come in and taste the cheese when it’s done. He added that “It’s neat and a big project, and it’s slowly coming together. You can see the progress. All we see is bare walls, and it’s always neat when it’s completed and to see it’s totally different than when I saw it.” He couldn’t be more accurate. He and Sean are seeing the Creamery come to life, and without their work (that nobody can actually “see” when it’s completed), we wouldn’t be on track to begin making cheese this winter, so we are very grateful for what they are doing and proud to introduce them to you this week. We hope you enjoyed reading about them, and as always, if you have any questions, please ask.